Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Many many thanks and one warning to the buyers

 Redbubble team choose my artwork on the main page week ago, and here are the things I sold since that. Thank you, buyers from UK, France, Ireland and USA! Love the geography, so cool to see your art travelling throughout the world! :) 

Though I'm a bit embarrassed by the navy T-Shirt. I am sure this design is good looking only on the black background (becouse this is pastel painting, not vector art), but Redbubble turned off "Pick the colors" option for designers ... 

"Green & Black" by Clipsocallipso on Redbubble

P.S. Just made one more sale but... Even more embarrassing - creme T-Shirt... Dear buyer from Spain! Please, change T-Shirt color on black!



1 comment:

  1. Wow great sales and beautiful work! Hopefully the design looks great on the actual shirt and hopefully Redbubble reinstates "Pick the colors".