Saturday, November 12, 2016

Winter in Pink. Casual outfit for cold days

Winter in Pink

 Winter in Pink by clipso-callipso 

Winter in Pink by clipso-callipso on Polyvore Casual winter outfit in bright colors, ideal for the long walks. Great Christmas & New Year gift ideas for the pink lovers. :)

All printed items are available in my print stores also as a lot of other products with the same patterns. Attention! Polyvore mark "Sold out" is wrong almost always, just check the links!

"Pink helices" collection on Zazzle -
"Pink helices" on Liveheroes -
"Ruby flower" on Liveheroes -


Purple top
2.540 RUB -

Pink top
2.915 RUB -

Beanie hat
1.285 RUB -

1.020 RUB -

Purple home decor
8.780 RUB -

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